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Church Office Coordinator Position

Full-Time: Monday through Friday, 9 am - 3 pm

Reports to: Sr. Pastor and Administrative Assistant


Administrate all general office duties, and other responsibilities as assigned, including: 

  • Receive and respond to all phone calls, emails, and texts for ministry, Senior Pastor, and Administrative Assistant

  • Develop forms, type correspondence and distribute via regular mail, email or text.  

  • Assist with various details of monthly seminars and annual Holy Spirit Seminar. 

  • Keep staff and volunteer leaders up-to-date on all ministry communication.  

  • Keep inventory current for all office supplies. 

Maintain and update database: (ASC, church management software) 

  • Record all offerings and tithes. Generate yearly tax statements.

  • Update all contact information, birthdays, anniversaries, and membership status. Develop targeted communication lists.  

Assist in assimilating ministry information for weekly E-newsletter:

  • Compile information to be forwarded to Media Director for distribution. 

Supervise all Ministry Mail-outs:

  • Keep mailings on schedule.

  • Oversee the generation of labels, proofing, printing, recruiting volunteer help and final distribution of mailing.  


  • Strong organizational skills

  • Experience preferred in Word, Excel and willing to be trained in ACS, church management software.

  • Congenial communication skills and the ability to troubleshoot people issues. Interact with staff, volunteers, guest ministers, and general public. 

  • Able to work within a group as a cooperative team player. 

  • Integrity and confidentiality. 


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